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General public is constantly exposed to billboards which are commonly seen in urban areas like cities and towns as well as along highways and roads.Where this is concerned, billboards play an important role in any advertising campaign because they are usually part of a marketing plan for a brand or corporate identity.

Promotions, movies and entertainment industries are among the usual adopters of billboards for advertising as well because they are ‘loud’ and very effective.

Through, you will enjoy a complete chain of activities that will facilitate your advertising needs using digital boards. Services in this context will include:

The use of LED-based advertising boards is one of the areas that have been growing in popularity in recent years. This is because the use of this technology in advertising means that companies would no longer be subjected to static billboards. Through digital boards, advertisers can use moving images and videos in their campaigns, providing richer content and more relevant and updated information to its target market.

How to advertise in digital boards

If your company is considering using digital boards for advertising, then there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Target Market – by identifying the target market, you will then be able to determine the best locations to place your digital ads. In most cases, the most appropriate locations would be those that are located in high-traffic areas which are usually in urban cities and towns.

Content – Using digital boards for advertising is very different from conventional billboards. This is because digital boards are able to facilitate dynamic content which means that you will be required to use a video or an animation to display your ads.

Duration and frequency – as with any other media used for advertising, the duration and frequency of your content must be decided and then developed. This is a very important part of your campaign because it will eventually determine the final costing and effectiveness of your ads.

Media planning and booking – Once you have the content ready and decided on the duration of your campaign, you will then need to identify the media to place your ads in. There are currently several media owners that offer digital board advertising services around the country, which are most commonly found in major cities and towns like the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. It would be most important to engage a media agency which has the experience in these areas as well as the connection and good relationship with the media owners.