Macalister Road, GeorgeTown

GeorgeTown, the capital city of Penang is very well connected within its boundaries. Macalister Road is one of the main streets here where it connects most of the major areas of GeorgeTown. Jalan Macalister is among the longest roads in GeorgeTown where it starts along Komtar building and terminates around Jalan Utama.

Jalan Macalister actually cuts across a major part of Georgetown which means that it is used by vehicles to reach different parts of the city. As such, Jalan Macalister is seen as a main mover for the economy here where it ferries working people, businesses and students around Georgetown every moment of the day.


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From Komtar towards Anson Road, Macalister Road operates on a two-way traffic while it starts moving east from Anson heading to Perak road. From there, it flows toward the west until Residency Road before heading to east again heading to Western Road. This makes Macalister Road one of the most unique roads of the city.

Along the entire stretch, one can see a broad variety of elements that include a jungle as well as some of the most prominent landmarks of Penang. Anson Road is known to have a lot of tall Angsana trees while it is around the Perak Road junction where the Sisters Char Kueh Teow is located. Other known landmarks located around here include YMCA and the Island Hospital while the Baobab Tree is located along the Residency Road junction area. The official residence of the Penang Chief Minister is located around Macalister Road as well.

Jalan Macalister can be regarded as one of the most holistic roads in Penang in terms of demographics. You will experience a large group of tourists who visit Penang for the food. Tour buses and travel agents are always bringing local and foreign tourists to visit the food stalls along Jalan Macalister. From the local front, private vehicle owners which are mainly made up of working adults and families use Jalan Macalister because it is a main connecting road. Besides that, this road is used by students who are coming in from the western part of the island into the city centre for their classes daily.

Traffic Conditions
From the western end of Jalan Macalister, the traffic flow is quite moderate and even low at times. However, this is a different situation during the rush hours of the morning when vehicles are travelling into the city for school and work. During the evenings, it is more moderate but Jalan Macalister is still used by vehicles to bypass certain high traffic locations.

Once you reach the Jalan Residens and Lebuhraya Peel roundabout, the traffic flow starts to peak. Continuing on in Jalan Macalister it peaks mostly around the Jalan Adams and YMCA vicinity. This is where traffic flow starts to spike and it is super peak most of the time. Rush hours are when this stretch almost come to a complete stop. At the Jalan Perak junction, it is very congested and then eases up at the Noble Villa areas and then it is super peak again as it approaches the city centre.

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