Jonker Street


Located within the historical city Of Malacca, Jonker Street is where some of the most exciting and interesting tourist attractions are located. Jonker Street today is known as Jalan Hang Jebat which is located along the river mouth of Sungai Melaka. The seafront facing the seas used to be located here before land reclamation changed the entire layout to what is looks like today.

Along Jonker Street, there are rows and rows of shops that sell art, cultural items and antiques, all of which attract thousands of visitors and tourist each day. Among all the other roads in Malacca city, Jonker Street is most probably the busiest. It is very narrow where pedestrians on foot are always seen window shopping while vehicles are at a crawl.

The street uses a coupon system for parking while it is home to some of the oldest architectural buildings and structures in the country. Among the attractions in Jonker Walk that brings both local and international visitors include the infamous chicken rice ball shop, the Malacca cendol and the Nyonya kueh stalls respectively.

Apart from that, Jonker Street is very popular as it is located just beside another main street, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and is only next to Dataran Pahlawan, another major landmark of Malacca.

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