Jalan Sultan

Jalan Sultan is a short stretch of road located within the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Despite the short distance, Jalan Sultan provides a very attractive advertising option because here is where there is a constant flow of target audience of people on foot, public buses and motorists. Jalan Sultan starts from the cross-junction of Jalan Pudu and Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin and continues on until the Jalan Tun H S Lee.

Available Advertising Medium
One of the most attractive advertising medium along Jalan Sultan would be the lampposts and on public furniture. Meanwhile, posters and wall-mounted billboards are available as well. Towards the end of the stretch are several large format billboards available as well which can offer high ad-views for brand owners and advertisers.

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Buying Power
The buying power for ad spaces along Jalan Sultan would be one of the highest especially among advertisers who are targeting tourists and working adults. As an advertiser, you will find that your ads will surely reach your intended target market because there are literally thousands of people on foot each day, comprising mostly of foreigners and tourists. Besides that, Jalan Sultan is a popular shopping place among locals and visitors to come and enjoy the food and shopping for goods and items.

Jalan Sultan is an exciting road because it is not very long as compared to many other roads around the vicinity. Jalan Sultan starts at the UTC Pudu Sentral intersection with Jalan Pudu which was formerly the Puduraya Bus Terminal. From there, you will come towards the Ancasa Hotel and Spa Kuala Lumpur and the Confucian Private Secondary School. After that, you will reach the Nando’s corner outlet before turning into this road in which you will approach the Jalan Hang Lekir junction that will connect you with Petaling Street that runs adjacently. The Swiss-Inn Kuala Lumpur is located along this stretch a few shops away from the Kam Kee Chicken Rice stall. Jalan Sultan then leads on towards the other end of Chinatown where you will pass by Ocean Shopping Center which will then continue on to Klang Bus Stand.

Traffic Conditions
The traffic along Jalan Sultan can be said to be at a standstill throughout the day. This super peak condition is because there are constantly vehicles coming into the city for work and school. The traffic is usually peak to moderate during the nights mostly due to the high volume of vehicles. On weekends meanwhile, you will notice that traffic flow from Jalan Pudu will be at super peak especially on Saturdays and is peak on Sundays. On the weekend nights, traffic along Jalan Sultan is moderate as tourists come here for shopping and food. However, the slow moving traffic does not deter vehicles from coming here as it is known to be one of the shopping and food districts of Kuala Lumpur

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