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Jalan Semangat is one of the most accessible roads in Petaling Jaya, the most populate suburbs in the Klang Valley. This is because it is the most used streets in the city that connects most of the people in and out to work and leisure each day.

SS2 to PJ State and Federal Highway

The Jalan Semangat stretch starts from the Lisa De Inn hotel which is known as the Rothman’s roundabout and heads out towards the former Jaya Supermarket. Along the way, there are lampposts located on both sides of the road. Jalan Semangat is a 2-way traffic street where vehicles come in from the Federal Highway towards Petaling Jaya’s residential areas like SS2 and SS3. On the opposite traffic, vehicles commute out toward other places like Armada hotel and to Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Lampposts are enacted on both the right and left sides of the road while there are some on the middle dividers as well. In total there are about 50 lampposts available for advertising along Jalan Semangat. One of the most significant landmarks here includes the Jaya 33 shopping centre as well as the offices of renowned brands like Colgate-Palmolive and Dutch Lady.

During the rush hours of the mornings and evenings, traffic along Jalan Semangat is among the highest and busiest. There are cars, trucks and buses that are crawling along the road during these times while it is often congested throughout the day where cars are coming in for banking in Maybank and CIMB banks in the commercial areas and shop lots.

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