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Jalan Langgar is one of the longest main roads in Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the people around the capital is well connected between the suburbs and residential areas. Jalan Langgar is named after the Langgar town where this road is the main access for the people around here.

One of the most important roles that Jalan Langgar plays is to become the communicating road between the eastern and western parts of the city centre. As such, this road is used by vehicles and motorists who travel between both ends each day for work, school and others.

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Landmarks and Subroads
As one of the main roads in Alor Setar, Jalan Langgar comes in from the eastern part of the state and continues on until it reaches the city center where it convenes with the Darul Aman expressway. Along the road, Jalan Langgar is linked towards the western parts of Alor Setar through Jalan Telok Wanjah that cuts across the town center and houses around Star Parade there.

From the western part of Alor Setar, Jalan Langgar starts at the GM Supermarket along the 175 Expressway. Around the junction here is where Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah is located as well as the Universiti Antarabangsa AlBukhary. From there, it continues towards the east which will then pass by the Pokok Sena PAS Office.

This is where it will then branch off towards the north via K353 in which the Maktab Mahmud Pokok Sena is located. The Sekolah Kebangsaan Langgar is located further to the east as well in which it will come to the National Registration Department before cutting across the Sungai Padang Terap.

Jalan Langgar is a very important road mainly because of the fact that it is used by vehicles to connect between other parts of the state and the outskirts of Alor Setar with the main commercial point of the city. As such, there are motorists that use this road constantly throughout the day that includes those who are coming to the city for business or leisure as well as school children and students at the St Michael School, the internationally renowned Al-Bukhary International University and several other schools along the way.

This option makes Jalan Langgar a good option for advertisers to use outdoor billboards and other panels that can be enacted on both sides of the road which can attracts a lot of ad-views on a daily basis.

Traffic Conditions
Jalan Langgar is the main road the services the entire Langgar region which means that this main road provides the access for the residents to travel to and from work each day. From the Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan on the western part of Alor Setar, the traffic conditions coming in at the junction will usually be peak and super peak, particularly during the rush hours. After that, the traffic flow from here is very much moderate and low until the National Registration Department where it peaks again.

From there, it is moderate until after the river where it will again peak at the Taman Bandar Baru leading towards Pokok Sena.

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