Jalan Besar – Pahang


Jalan Besar is one of the main roads in Kuantan, Pahang. It services a lot of business areas in the town centre and travels across the coastal part of the capital, which makes it one of the most utilized roads here. Jalan Besar plays an important role here because it is used not only for connection with the business districts but to nearby tourist attractions as well.

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Landmarks and Subroads
Jalan Besar runs parallel along Sungai Kuantan. It comes in from the west via the Jalan Tanah Putih-Jalan Taman intersection. It has the river on one side and Jalan Mahkota on the other. In between the 2 major roads is the central business district here.

Accesses most places around Kuantan

The Lembaga Kemajuan Negeri Pahang is situated not far from Jalan Mahkota while the Stesen Bas SKMK Machang is nearby as well. Further to the west is Mega View Hotel, Hotel Classic and the Customs Building before it convenes with Jalan Teluk Sisek.

Jalan Besar is mainly used by people working in public service who comes here for work everyday. Besides that, there are the working adults who work around the business district as well as those dropping their children to school.

Traffic Conditions
As Jalan Besar is made up of corporate banks and government offices, the morning and evening rush hours here will experience moderate to peak traffic flow. However, moderate traffic is quite common at other times while it can be quite low during the weekends apart from tourists who stay in the hotels nearby.

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