Jalan Bahagia – Selangor

The LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) is one of the most important expressways that serve the people of the Klang Valley on a daily basis. Whether it is for leisure or business, thousands of motorists use the LDP to travel between places like home, school and work every day because it connects some of the most populated areas of the Klang Valley. One of the affected roads along the LDP is Jalan Bahagia where it often experiences the spill-over effect of traffic conditions that come in from the expressway. This is because Jalan Bahagia houses several office buildings and schools with vehicles moving in and out this suburb each day for work and school.


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Landmarks and Subroads
Through the LDP, there are several intersections that lead vehicles into other suburbs like Kelana Jaya, Puchong, Taman SEA, SS4 while it heads up north towards Shah Alam and Klang and in the other opposite direction into the Kuala Lumpur city. In Jalan Bahagia, there is a very prominent twinpole which can be seen from a distance. In fact, this Twinpole is one of the few very visible billboards enacted along LDP which means that anyone travelling on the highway will be able to see it. As such, this Twinpole billboard is regarded to be one of the most visible ones around the highway and the surrounding areas.

From the LDP, if you are coming in from the west, you will pass by the Customs and Immigrations Quarters. This is where you will pass by the Kelana Furniture Mall. As you are traveling along this stretch, you will have SS4 on one side and SS5 on the other. Zuellig Pharma is located not far from SS5 and as you travel further, you will be heading southwards which is where you will be passing by the Tropicana Golf and Country Club intersection. After that, you will be diverted to other parts of Petaling Jaya at the T-Junction that will connect you through Jalan Majlis and Jalan SS3/39.

Along LDP, one of the very important roads here is at Jalan Bahagia in front of the SMKKJ School. This road runs in adjacent with LDP highway which means that it is clearly visible to the motorists who are travelling along this stretch. The Jalan Bahagia road is used by those who are turning in from LDP as well as parents who are here during the pre and post schooling hours to ferry their children. At other times, it is used by those who are here for shopping, mainly female drivers at the surrounding mall and hypermarkets.

Traffic Conditions
In Petaling Jaya, you can expect most of the main roads to be highly congested at most times of the day especially when it concerns the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong. This is because LDP is known to be over-utilized, making it one of the most super peak traffic areas of the region. Coming in from the LDP intersection, traffic flow will be peak and super peak particularly during the morning rush hours. This will be the same situation during the evening on the opposite direction. Another factor that contribute to this slow moving traffic is that the SMK Kelana Jaya is located not far from the junction. Meanwhile, the flow on both sides of Jalan Bahagia is moderate and low at other times. At the cross-junction leading to Jalan Majlis, traffic becomes peak again before easing up after the intersection.

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