Gurney Drive, GeorgeTown


Gurney Drive is one of the busiest streets in GeorgeTown, the capital city of Penang. It is here that a lot of commercial and entertainment activities take place each day. Gurney Drive offers one of the best opportunities for advertising as it is where there are a lot of tourists and visitors from both the local and international fronts come.

As one of the most attractive addresses in Penang, Gurney Drive is considered as the prime location in terms of property development, commercial and entertainment. This is where it is constantly busy with pedestrians and vehicles to visit the shopping mall and for the hawker centre. On top of that, the premium and high-class condominiums here are commonly preferred by expatriates as well.

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The most prominent group of people who come to Gurney Drive would be urbanites who like to shop here each day. Gurney Plaza is considered as one of the top shopping malls in Penang with some top retail brands which means this street is a great target for those in the middle to high income group. Besides that, working adults would be seen here traveling to work in the nearby office buildings while Gurney Drive is an extremely important road for tourists and travelers as well.

Prominent tourist spot in Georgetown, Penang

Known locally as Persiaran Gurney, the street is located on the seaside which was previously called the North Beach. Here is where the internationally known Gurney Drive food court is located. Apart from that, Gurney Drive is home to some of the most luxurious condominuns in Penang which include the One Persiaran Gurney.

Historical landmarks like Loke Mansion and the St Joseph Novitiate are located here as well which form the picturesque views along the sea upfront. Other notable landmarks here include the Gurney Beachfront Skymansion, the Silverton Condominium and the Sunrise Tower Condominium.

One of the very important landmarks here in Gurney Drive is Gurney Plaza which is located at the entrance point if you are coming in from the north through Persiaran Gurney. From there, you will see the infamous roundabout where Oriental Seafood Restaurant is located.

After the Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, you will then pass by The Regency and the string of apartments before reaching the Jalan Concordia junction. You will then pass by Lorong Burma and Jalan Birch before reaching the Evergreen Laurel Hotel and the very popular Gurney Resort Hotel.

Traffic Conditions
The traffic flow along both sides of the road is always congested. Cars and vehicles are constantly stuck in a traffic crawl throughout the day where people come to shop in places like Gurney Plaza while visitors stay in the world-class hotels like G Hotel and Gurney Hotel.

As such, the roundabout coming in to Gurney Drive is usually super peak during the morning and evening rush hours. Meanwhile, it is moderate to peak during other hours. On Saturdays, this stretch is peak and super peak again while at other parts of Gurney Drive, the traffic condition is usually moderate except for the tail end near Gurney Resort where it is usually peak.

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