Advertising.My as unipole contractor

As the leading outdoor advertising agency in Malaysia, is fully committed to offer a full range of products and services in this market segment. We have built our reputation as the agency with the industry know-how, the technological knowledge and the most capable team of people who can propel our clients’ brand image to higher levels.

Over the years, has been working tirelessly to find the best and most suitable methods for advertising and marketing for our partners and in doing so, we have discovered and cultivated many skills and strategies that only we can offer. Among them includes conceptualization of ideas, media planning, marketing campaign design and some very specialized areas. This includes the design and building of unipoles.

Our focus in unipole construction puts us ahead among our competitors as it is a very specialized skill-set that only a selected few is capable of. As a unipole contractor, we have been commissioned by media owners, local councils and state governments to build dozes of unipoles which are usually used for billboard advertising.

Unipoles are among the most commonly structures used for billboards. Because of this, we have learned and identified the best locations with the highest traffic to enact the unipoles. Our unipoles are made using the best materials which could hold firm for a minimum of 10 years. Proper maintenance and check will ensure that the unipoles last longer than that.

As such, we very well-equipped as a unipole contractor where our services start from the design and conceptualizing stage. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers who will provide the engineering design and blueprint that will be submitted for approval from the certification and authorization boards.

Our unipole are very unique and functional as they are enacted using aluminum structure and steel backbone. This makes them highly robust while we use the best concrete material to provide the foundation of our unipoles. When designing the unipoles, we are well aware of the intention of the structures in which they are commonly used for billboards.

However, as we are well aware of the needs and current trends of the industry, we are able to design and install contemporary unipoles which could be made to hold LED display boards. Such structures are different from conventional billboards as they need to be mounted with modules like power supply and lighting. With such experience and the technological knowledge, is very well positioned as the preferred and leading unipole contractor, unmatched by any other agencies in the country today

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