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Jalan Travers is an important road in Kuala Lumpur as it connects the city centre around Pudu with Bangsar and Damansara areas. Each day, Jalan Travers is used by thousands of vehicles that commute along the stretch, travelling between homes to work and on weekend where they travel towards places of leisure and shopping in other locations around Kuala Lumpur.

Available Advertising Medium
There is a broad range of advertising medium here in Jalan Travers. Large billboards are available along both sides of the road that can garner high impressions. Meanwhile, there are overhead bridges along here that provides billboards as well. Lampposts are enacted on both sides and the center of Jalan Travers while the LRT station here means that there are pillar wrap advertising spaces too.

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Buying Power

The main target market for advertisers in Jalan Travers would be those from the medium to high income group. This is mainly because the primary income groups of people in Bangsar are in this category which applies to those living around Damansara Heights as well. This means that the advertising spaces around Jalan Travers would have very high demand and buying power.

Bangsar to Damansara, Pantai to Federal Highway

Landmarks and Subroads
The Jalan Travers in Bangsar can be considered to be one of the most highly utilized roads in the Klang Valley. This is one stretch that comes in from the city center and leads towards Pantai, Bangsar with an access towards the New-Pantai Expressway that gets to places like Sunway and Subang Jaya. Jalan Travers connects motorists from the Muzium Negara areas towards MidValley Mega Mall with access to Bangsar and Pantai in between.

Other notable landmarks around Jalan Travers include Telawi Square which is located just off Jalan Maarof which is located at the junction just before heading out to Pantai. Not far from here, you will come across the Bangsar access into Universiti Malaya as well as Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur before heading out to Kerinchi and the Federal Highway.

Traffic Condition

The traffic flow along Jalan Travers is one of the highest in Kuala Lumpur. This is particularly so during the rush hours while at other times, buses, cars and motorcycles are seen commuting along this road as well. As such, it can be regarded that Jalan Travers experience super peak traffic conditions during the mornings and evenings where traffic congestion can sometimes come to a complete standstill.

With the new flyover built to connect KL Sentral and Muzium with Pantai and Bangsar, the traffic flow here is smoother where it is more moderate during other times.

On weekends, the traffic from the city center is constantly high because many are heading out towards MidValley Mega Mall from here where the traffic congestion can stem from the shopping mall and overspill into Jalan Travers. Meanwhile, traffic flow from Bangsar towards Brickfields and Muzium Negara is usually super peak during the rush hours and moderate at the in-between hours and after night fall.

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