Jalan Parameswara

Jalan Parameswara is named after the leader who founded Malacca. This means that this road is of utmost important in Malacca. Located at the southern part of Malacca city, it cuts across most landmarks around here, connecting thousands of vehicles each day that travel around the city for work and school. Apart from that, Jalan Parameswara is an important access road as it connects some of the top tourist attractions of Malacca with other parts of the city.

On the west is where Jalan Parameswara joins with Jalan Pahlawan to form the square that covers the main attractions of the city here. The west end is where Dataran Pahlawan is located in which visitors from both the local and international regions come each day.

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Landmarks and Subroads
Jalan Parameswara is located in the central part of Malacca City. It is adjacent with Jalan Pahlawan and Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 2 other main roads of the city. Jalan Parameswara is a long stretch of road that convenes with Jalan Pahlawan on both ends through Jalan Melati on the east. It stops there before heading out as Jalan Ujong towards the eastern areas of the city.

There is several important landmarks located along Jalan Parameswara that include Hotel Equatorial Malacca on the west end and then Hallmark Crown Hotel and Fairway Hotel on the other side. If you are coming in from Jalan Kota, you would have passed by icons like Muzium Islam Melaka, Muzium Yang di-Pertua Negeri and most notably A’Famosa before entering Jalan Parameswara.

The very historical St Francis Institution is located around here as well. Along the stretch, you could come towards Masjid An Nur as well. A temple called the Ong Kay Yong Temple is situated around the middle part of Jalan Parameswara.

The most notable group of people around Jalan Parameswara would be tourists. Throughout the day, you will notice a lot of people walking around here because it is where most of the iconic and tourist attractions are located. Besides that, there are many hotels and accommodation choices located around here which provide access for visitors to get around easily. Apart from tourists, working adults use Jalan Parameswara to travel to work each day as they come in from suburbs to reach their offices in the town centre.

Traffic Conditions
This road is usually quite congested throughout the day as it is used by people who are traveling between both ends of Malacca city. As such, it is very common to notice super peak and peak traffic conditions throughout the day. The flow here is especially high during the morning rush hours as compared to the evening sessions when it is moderate. Meanwhile, the stretch coming in from Jalan Kota is mostly super peak throughout the day as it is where tourists and visitors like to go. On Saturdays, traffic in Jalan Parameswara is mostly peak during the afternoons which will go on until late evening while on Sundays, this road experiences moderate to peak traffic flow throughout the day.

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