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There are many main roads located within Langkawi Island. Among them is Jalan Padang Masirat which cuts across the middle part of the main island. This road connects the east with the west of Langkawi. It is one of the most important roads in Langkawi Island which has the highest traffic as it is provides one of the main connecting accesses here.

If you are flying in to Langkawi and staying around in Kuah Town, chances are you will be passing by Jalan Padang Masirat to reach your destination. Otherwise, you would be using this road to get to nearby tourist attractions as well as to other parts of the island during your stay here.

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Landmarks and Subroads
Jalan Padang Masirat
comes in from the northwest through Kampung Bawah and the Langkawi International Airport. Most vehicles will use Jalan Padang Masirat if they are heading towards Kuah Town, the main commercial center of Langkawi.

Connecting Kuah town around Langkawi

Along the way, Jalan Padang Masirat has many junctions that will lead towards the east while Jalan Padang Gaong is the access road that will direct traffic towards the northern part of the island that heads towards places like Gunung Raya and the Langkawi Buffalo Park.

Jalan Padang Masirat is an integral part of Langkawi Island mainly because it is the only access road that comes in from other parts of the island towards Kuah Town which will then lead towards the southern tip of Langkawi. This is where the likes of Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa, Langkawi Cruise and the very popular Eagle Square are all situated.

As an important access road in Langkawi Island, Jalan Padang Masirat is used by a large market segment of people. Langkawi, being a top travel destination among local and foreign tourists will naturally have a prominent group in this sector. Jalan Padang Masirat is used by those who travel to and from Kuah Town, the main commercial and entertainment centre of the island.

As such, this road is constantly used by tourists and visitors to Langkawi. Besides that, the Sekolah Kebangsaan Bayas is located towards the eastern side of the road which means you will have school children and parents as part of the demographics of this road as well.

Traffic Conditions
The traffic conditions along Jalan Padang Masirat is generally moderate most times of the day. During the morning and evening rush hours, Jalan Padang Masirat experiences moderate traffic flow which can sometimes be peak although it is not very common.

Around the stretch where the school is located, traffic flow is moderate to peak during the mornings and afternoons where parents are dropping and picking their children from school respectively. Besides that, other parts of Jalan Padang Masirat is very much moderate.

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