Jalan Merdeka – Malacca

Malacca City is place which is very easy to navigate. Most of the main roads are connected to each other in a rectangular manner. One of the main roads in Malacca is Jalan Merdeka which together with several other roads form an important square in the city centre. Jalan Merdeka is very prominent because of its location which provide access for vehicles to reach the office buildings and nearby tourist attractions.

Jalan Merdeka is named after the word ‘Independence’. Along this road, there are banks, eateries and many other iconic landmarks which are constantly visited by both local and foreign tourists each day as Malacca is one of the top travel destination of Malaysia.

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Landmarks and Subroads
This road forms the square that comes out to Jalan Melati towards the east before consuming with Jalan Parameswara which is adjacent to Jalan Merdeka to the north. From Jalan Merdeka, a connection to Jalan Melaka Raya 23 will head towards Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, another main road of the city.

Dataran Pahlawan, one of the major tourist attractions of Malacca is located on the east end of Jalan Merdeka where one can head out to indulge in some shopping at the mall or bask in the historical elements of the city at the A’Famosa fort or visit the many museums around there.

Apart from that, Jalan Merdeka is home to many budget accommodation choices that include Felix Inn as well as other homestay options. It is very easy to travel on foot along Jalan Merdeka as due to the narrowness of the road, traffic congestion is quite common which provides a good and sound platform for advertising on mobile panels and digital screens along the main areas.

As Jalan Merdeka is located in the heart of Malacca City and surrounded by some top tourist attractions here, it is often seen with a lot of local and foreign tourists. It is used by tourists not only on vehicles but on foot as well. Jalan Merdeka is used as a main access road for private and public vehicles that commute passengers between work and home each day. As such, it is very common to see working adults, white collar workers who travel to the nearby office buildings along here and the surroundings.

Traffic Conditions
If you are coming in from Jalan Laksamana from the northern part of the city, you will start to experience peak to super peak traffic flow which is spilt over from Jalan Temenggong. This happens mostly in the morning rush hours as well as from 4.00pm on weekdays. After that, it eases up to become moderate and low for a short stretch until the roundabout where it peaks again. Once you pass the roundabout, traffic flow is moderate at most times of the day until the Felix Inn junction where it peaks again. From there, traffic condition is quite moderate until Melaka Raya where it becomes moderate. This road is a lot more congested during the weekends as visitors are coming in to the nearby attractions.

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