Jalan Kuala Kerai – Kelantan

Jalan Kuala Kerai is named after one of the major towns in Kelantan. It plays an important role as one of the major transportation links here that allow commuters to travel from one suburb to another and into the capital at Kota Bahru.

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Landmarks and Subroads
If you are coming in from the northern part of Kelantan, you will be connected via Jalan Pengkalan Chepa which will be cutting through the central business district of Kota Bahru. You will be passing by Kampung Kweng Dollah which is not far from the Stadium Mohamed Ke-4. From there, Jalan Kuala Kerai starts proper which will then lead you towards the south. From the Jalan Hamzah intersection, you will pass by Astin Management College before reaching the Jalan Telipot intersection that goes towards the east and west of Kelantan.

As the name implies, the main area that this road services is Kuala Kerai. As such, families and working adults from the southern part of Kelantan will use this road to travel into the city centre each day with a large segment of public service employees and school children traveling to the schools and government offices.

Traffic Conditions
As Jalan Kuala Kerai is an important access road for the people of the state, the traffic conditions here range from moderate to peak at most junctions especially during the office hours. This is because vehicles use Jalan Kuala Kerai as their main access into the city centre for work and education on weekdays mostly.

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