Jalan Gasing – Selangor

Jalan Gasing is one of the main roads in Petaling Jaya and is one of the access roads into the residential areas of PJ. It is located nearest to the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Jalan Gasing is connected to Jalan Universiti which is where Universiti Hospital is located.

Besides that, it is the access road for those coming in from SS2, SS3 and other major parts of PJ to get into the Federal Highway where private and public vehicles are seen travelling into Kuala Lumpur each day.

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Landmarks and Subroads
It is very common that Jalan Gasing is congested with traffic flow particularly during the mornings and evenings. This is because vehicles are lining up to leave Jalan Gasing to get to the city centre of PJ and KL for work. Meanwhile, it is used by vehicles that are coming in from Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam via the Federal Highway to get to commercial areas like PJ State via Jalan Yong Shook Lin. On weekends, vehicles can be seen here where they attend the church while others are at the nearby Gasing Hill hiking trail.

The most significant landmark here in Jalan Gasing is at the Church of St Francis Xavier. As you are approaching this T-junction from the Federal Highway, you will notice billboards on the flyover while there are a few more located at the traffic lights junction. From there, you will pass by the Catholic High School, one of the top schools in the Klang Valley while the Bible College of Malaysia is around here as well. After that, you will reach the Glad Tidings Church while the La Salle School is just opposite.

From Universiti Hospital, you will notice billboards along the way as you pass Bangunan KWSP and the Bible College of Malaysia. There is a small billboard enacted at the junction that leads to PJ State here. As you travel further, you will come toward the TM building with posters on the fascia. You will now be at the roundabout which will lead you towards the New Pantai Expressway that goes towards Sunway and Subang Jaya. You will notice several billboards around the sides of this roundabout as well.

The main segment of people travelling along Jalan Gasing each day are working adults who commute between the nearby suburbs to other parts of the state or into Kuala Lumpur via the Federal Highway. Jalan Gasing is the closest main road that services the people of Petaling Jaya with Kuala Lumpur. As such, private vehicle owners who are working executives will use this road daily. Besides that, Jalan Gasing has a large group of secondary school students who attend the 2 public schools here while there is a very popular tuition centre located around Caltex.

Traffic Conditions
Jalan Gasing is a prominent main road in Petaling Jaya which means that it is the primary access road used by the residents around here. The roundabout coming from the southern part of Jalan Gasing will experience peak to super peak traffic flow mostly during the morning and evening rush hours. This is similar with most parts of Jalan Gasing, particularly at the schools. During mornings and afternoons, vehicles that are dropping and picking the school children at the Catholic High School and La Salle School will slow down traffic, sometimes coming to a complete standstill. Meanwhile, the junction leading out of Jalan Gasing to the Federal Highway will experience super peak traffic flow. This is because vehicles are either moving into Kuala Lumpur or on to Jalan Universiti to get to the likes of SS2 and further. Around the churches here, traffic flow is usually peak particularly on Sundays.

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