Jalan Coastal – Sabah

One of the primary roads used by private and public vehicles in Sabah is Jalan Coastal which is the state capital, Kota Kinabalu. Jalan Coastal means ‘Coastal Road’ and that is what it does. This road travels along the coast that faces the South China Sea and travels across several major locations and central business district of the state.

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Landmarks and Subroads
Jalan Coastal western part of the city where it comes in through the Jalan Kepayan-Jalan Mat Salleh intersection. Wisma Perkeso is located around here and it travels towards the east. Jalan Coastal then reaches the Kinabalu Park junction that connects to Jalan Utama Sutera Harbour, leading to the Sutera Harbour Resort and the Marina Club. Further in front is the Sabah Institute of Art where you will then approach the Jalan Kemajuan junction. Then, you will reach the Wawasan Plaza district and then to Centerpoint before terminating at Jalan Sinsuran where this road continues on as Jalan Tun Razak.

The major group of people travelling along Jalan Coastal are white collar workers who use it to commute to work each day. Besides that, there is a large group of public service employees who come in from other suburbs to the government offices here.

Traffic Conditions
Jalan Coastal’s traffic direction into the city center of Kota Kinabalu is usually peak to super peak in the mornings. It is the same on the opposite direction during the evenings while other parts are usually moderate to low traffic. The area at the shopping centres meanwhile are moderate to peak on weekends.

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