Jalan Cheras

Jalan Cheras refers to the former main road that was used by vehicles to travel between the city center and the Cheras township. It has been reported that there are hundreds of ‘Tamans’ in Cheras which means there are thousands of vehicles travelling around the vicinity each day. Jalan Cheras is an important access road which starts from the Pudu roundabout and continues on, passing by Taman Maluri, Taman Pertama before reaching Taman Cheras. From there, this road will continue on, connecting towards the likes of Bandar Mahkota Cheras and further into Kajang and Semenyih.

Although a new access road has been built and used by those travelling between Cheras and the city which is Jalan Loke Yew, Jalan Cheras is still very heavy with traffic, mainly due to the fact that it provides access to other parts of this suburb.

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Available Advertising Medium
Along Jalan Cheras, there are a few main advertising mediums with the most common one being billboards. This can be seen along the side of the road where visibility is very high. Apart from that, panels on lamp posts are available where there are more than 30 units available on both sides of Jalan Cheras. There are several overhead bridges which are used by pedestrians and vehicles which can be used for billboards as well.

Buying Power
The buying power for ad space along Jalan Cheras is medium because this road is mainly targeted at the middle to high income groups of this suburb. In most cases, you will notice that retail brands and events are mostly advertises on the billboards, unipoles and the large format posters located along the Jalan Cheras stretch.

There are several prominent landmarks located along Jalan Cheras. As you are coming in from Jalan Pudu, you will pass by the very popular Pudu Wet Market before you branch off into Jalan Peel which will then direct you into the Bukit Bintang area. From there, you will come towards Cochrane which is where one of the largest property development projects, the Sunway Velocity is located. Not far from here is Menara PGRM and you will then approach the National Badminton Stadium after that.

Traffic Conditions
The traffic flow along Jalan Cheras is renowned for being slow and heavy almost throughout the day. Rush hours are when traffic is at its super peak while along Jalan Cheras where traffic conditions can sometimes come to a complete standstill as vehicles are travelling out of Cheras in the morning and back from the city centre during the evenings.

Meanwhile, the traffic flow during other times are moderate while it reaches very low during nighttime. This is because most motorists usually prefer to use the highway on Jalan Loke Yew that connects them with other parts of Cheras and Kajang when there is no traffic congestion. On weekends meanwhile, traffic is usually moderate except during the evenings when it can peak on Saturdays especially around the Taman Maluri-AEON junction.


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