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Jalan PP Narayanan is one of the roads that run in adjacent with the Federal Highway. It stems from a main road, Jalan 222 which is home to some of the most popular car showrooms here. Jalan 222 is an important road in Petaling Jaya because it is very conveniently located along the Federal Highway. While Jalan 222 is not known to provide access to any major locations, it is very prominent because of its high visibility and because apart from the buildings here, they offer advertisers with an excellent option for brand promotions.

Being visible from the Federal Highway means that Jalan 222 is a great place for billboards where there are several boards enacted on rooftops and on the walls of the showrooms here, garnering high ad-views among the intended target market.

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Jalan 222 Landmarks and Subroads

Along Jalan 222 are many car showrooms as well as a few known brands that operate their offices. Through Jalan 222 is Jalan PP Narayanan which is actually parallel with the Federal Highway. The Federal Highway is by any means the most popular highways in the Klang Valley.

Runs parallel with Federal Highway into Petaling Jaya

It is among the oldest and in most ways, the most important because it provides access between the Kuala Lumpur city center with almost all the other primary suburbs of Selangor like Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Klang.

From Jalan 222, you will come in through the Federal Highway which will then lead you further into Section 14. This is where you will come towards the Tanah Perkuburan Islam MBPJ  Kampung Tunku and the Gui Yuan Crematorium.

From there, you will be able to access into other prominent suburbs around Petaling Jaya like SS2, SEA PARK And SS3 while there will be access into Kelana Jaya as well. On the other end meanwhile, you will be connected at the junction towards Jalan Templer, another important road that goes to the eastern end to the likes of Assunta Hospital and PJ State. This will then lead you towards Sunway and Subang Jaya.

Jalan 222 Demographics

The Federal Highway is used by almost anyone from any age group in the Klang Valley. It must be noted that motorists travelling during the rush hours of the morning and evenings are working adults between 20 to 40 years of age while those in the higher income group travel at the other times. Apart from vehicle owners and motorists, the Federal Highway is used by public transportation commuters who travel on buses, taxis and trains.

Jalan 222 Traffic Conditions

As Jalan 222 runs in adjacent with the Federal Highway, traffic flow into this road can be quite congested during the rush hours on weekdays. Jalan 222 houses several office buildings and corporate office which means that the flow here is peak to super peak during mornings and evenings.

It must be noted that the flow in and out of Jalan 222 is quite narrow which means that you will experience peak traffic conditions at most times throughout the day. This is a sharp contrast as compared to the weekends when traffic flow is moderate to low at most times.

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