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Out-of-home (OOH) media is fast becoming a popular choice with advertisers today as they are known to be more targeted and a lot more effective than conventional media. After all, it has been found that consumers are spending more time outside their homes where they are no longer confined to conventional media like television or newspapers.

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OOH media provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to better reach its target market as they use more ‘unconventional’ ways which are innovative and often more exciting. One of these areas is the use of airports where there are many new ways where advertising can be possible.

Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and airports are the gateways that greet the people who travel in and out of the country. The main airports in the country are KLIA International Airport and the KLIA2 while there are other international airports in states like Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and Johor.

Targeting Domestic and International Travellers

In other states, there are smaller airports that connect to the domestic destinations. Leisure and business travelers – With such a dynamic air travelling sector, this industry influences the advertising scenario tremendously. Advertising in airports provide an excellent opportunity for companies to target the travelers and this would be most ideal among companies in the telecommunications, hotels and accommodations and transportation.

Apart from those who travel on leisure, advertisers of financial services and luxury living could benefit from this media as thousands of travelers take flights on business trips. Millions of passengers in KLIA2 and KLIA are reported to be increasing 10% each year which means that advertising in the airports would garner a remarkable number of impressions.

Advertising options – Advertising in KLIA & KLIA2 include posters and banners, on travelators and elevators, along the halls and waiting rooms and most notably on the luggage trolleys which passengers will use when they are in the premises. On top of that, there are advertising opportunities on the airplanes like the in-flight publications as well as at the waiting lounge and duty-free shopping galleries.

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