In working with agencies like for your billboard campaigns, you have the advantage of ensuring effectiveness and cost-benefit. This is where you can enjoy discounts that are not available if you book directly with media owner.

In terms of effectiveness,you will be consulted on the types of ads you want to place and eventually be guided through on the duration and most importantly the location where your billboards will be placed. has been involved in billboard advertising for more than a decade now, having accomplished many projects and campaigns that involve this media.

We have worked with the media owners and has the experience of ensuring the highest visibility and the most popular ways of using billboards for marketing. Collaborating with will ensure that your business’ campaign can be executed with the peace of mind and the effectiveness required.

In Malaysia, the use of modern technology in advertising has become very popular in recent years. This is mainly attributed by the fact that advertising has grown into a matured industry through the use of more innovative and different media apart from the conventional and more traditional types.

Consumers are no longer confined to the television for information or through newspapers for updates and to keep themselves abreast of current affairs. The introduction of technologies like the internet and mobile computing has allowed consumers to be more portable in many ways. Today, consumers receive updates on-the-go through their smartphones and read news and obtain information through the internet.

This means that advertising is no longer limited to only media that require the consumer to be at a specific place and time. Location-based advertising has grown by leaps and bounds as the target market now exists among many external environments.

Which media agency for digital advertising media booking?

To advertise in digital boards, the most ideal situation is to engage a media agency with the industry know-hows and a working relationship with the media owners. In fact, it would be extremely beneficial if the media agency has direct access to the digital boards.

This is where you can approach agencies like which is one of the pioneering firms in Malaysia to promote digital LED boards for advertising. In order to garner the best effectiveness, it would be most appropriate to find an agency with the technical and marketing expertise.


To use billboards for your ads, you will have to know who your target audiences are. If you are looking to convey your ad to the urban market, then it would be best to put them in cities and high-traffic locations. However, if you are looking at the smaller market segments, then the location might not play such an important role.

Budget – Your budget would play a crucial role in this campaign because it will determine how many billboards you will be advertising in and the duration of how long they will be placed.

This is where can help because booking your space will be cheaper and with rebate, allowing you to save on cost. Call us now.


Do you own any land or property and looking for an extra or more income? We are a leading billboard agency in Malaysia with more than 15 years of working with building owners all around the country with huge success.

Through this, we are the experts in maximizing the space of your building for billboard advertising where you can earn extra and more income in various ways. Contact us today and we can work together so that you can earn more from your land, property or buildings.

If you have a space in your building and would like to enact a billboard of your own, you can do so through applying for the permit from us and we will deal with the state government.


Most billboards in Malaysia are usually seen in places that have high traffic. This refers to the locations where there is a lot of passer-by. The rule of thumb for billboards is to be seen by as many people as possible in the shortest time.

Billboard advertising can be very rewarding if you place your ads in the best and most appropriate spaces. The more popular a billboard is, the harder it is to get the space while it will surely be more costly as well.

It can be assumed that the most popular and expensive billboards are focused in the urban areas like Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Johor Bahru while the less expensive ones are usually located around the highways and smaller towns.

Those that are seen in the highest traffic areas like the crossroad in Jalan Sultan Ismail and along the Federal Highways are those that are most sought after.